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Hello, welcome to the Laurier community!

Obviously, this is a place for people studying at Laurier or intersted in Laurier to write and reply.

The old moderator (Jenn, or "painfullyaware") has been gone a long time. I (drparanoid) added myself as a moderator after becoming annoyed with the occasion spam post and finally accepting that Jenn wasn't coming back.

So, just to be clear, there aren't a lot of rules. You can advertise your textbooks for sale, you can advertise local events, you can even post your singles ad. You can swear and curse and call your prof an asshole or say that Laurier chicks are easy and the football team is on steriods. I'm not here to censor, and I take no responsiblity for what is posted or not-removed.

If there are any problem reports or suggestions, please post them here or as a comment in whatever non friends-only post you can find in my journal. We've done pretty well for upwards of three years without a moderator, so I don't expect or want to do a whole lot of work.
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